But I can’t see it… The pictures that is.

I know. I can’t either….

Because our picture transfer “thingy” is dead. Kaput. Out of whack… dunzo.


OK…Off to Radio Shack or some “mall” place to get a phone card reader. Ours simply “quit” last week and Dave the extra sharp-minded, mondo electronic repairman was unable to overcome the error messages generated by said device.

I won’t bore you with the details but let’s say that Dave (Mr. Fix It) spent countless minutes, seconds and nano-seconds troubleshooting the errant device.

Result: He was SO Very Proud to announce “It is dead…”

Wow – that was technical.

He thought so… At least in his own mind.

Now on to the store for a new one. To which our “brain child” Dave will most likely say “That works…” after plugging it up and getting the first picture on-line.

Another proud moment for Dave I’m sure…

We hope to have some pictures of our recent “adventures” here at Stub Stewart posted soon…


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