Cheese Mister Cheese….she was just seventeen.

OK…I tore those lyrics up…. But we did feel like we were 17 when we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook Oregon. A “must go” if you are in the area… Here is a shot of the entrance:


Then it was on past the “cheese van” inside the door. I suppose they have a couple of “real” ones that go out and sell cheese in the community…kewl if you like bugs…


After snooping around in the gift shop the mandatory visit includes the cheese sample bar. Some are to die for….


Next was the ice cream bar.  Heather had the sampler I stood fast for the Grandma’s Birthday Cake flavor…


Somehow our car always seems to find its way into the cheese factory when we get close to Tillamook…Hmmmmmm I wounder how that happens?


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