Chips are down.

At the Buxton trail head we are doing some major cleanup. The area has not had a deep trim and clean job for some time as far as we can tell. Here we are setting up the “chipper” to mulch the brush and trees we have cut down.


Notice the nice huge pile of wood and trees limbs to the left of the chipper. In the foreground is a nice coating of “chips” from previous stacks of trees and brush that have given up the ghost and move on to the mulch cloud in the sky. Here is Dave doing an OSHA approved safety check prior to running the next “batch” of trees thru the chipper.


Dave took the time to make sure ALL the safety devices were disabled to prevent any work stoppage (just kidding) We took safety extra careful with this big monster… EXTRA safety all the time because unlike the cartoons….you don’t come back from this one.

Here is a “before” pile of trees..


Add the chipper and lots of arm and leg muscles and “shazam” it is gone.


Turned into this:


At the end of the day we can truly say “The chips are down”.


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