Typical Day at the Office-Sort of kinda.

Today was a typical(ish) sort of day at the office.

Got up. Did breakfast. Loaded stuff into our monster truck that was hit by the “Honey I shrunk the kids” ray gun… Sharpened our tools and off down the trail toward Banks Oregon.   http://www.cityofbanks.org/

On the way to Banks (where the Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail begins) we took the time to trim some trees. Here is Heather doing the “I can get that –  S T R E A C H”…


We spent about 5 hours “stretching” ourselves out to get to the tree limbs. We are using only hand tools so sometimes the task is a little challenging. But – we love a challenge.

This is a view on the way back to the park… The sun is about down, we are headed West(ish) on the Banks-Vernonia (BV) trail and this is part of the view. I always think of “OZ” and the yellow brick road when I get here.


When we get home we try to relax (not too hard to do) from the days activities. Here is Dave getting some computer lessons from the computer expert in the house…


If we could just get Dave to follow directions the lessons would not have to be so intense and require so many monitors and multiple programs running…

Dave is SO adding to his carbon footprint…

Must be a Republican.


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