Dump, de, dump, de, dump, de, dump (and so on).

Dump trucks. As kids (boys 4 sure) we loved to play with them.  Move huge loads of “stuff” from place to place…build things and tear them down again and move them back to where we got them.  I still like to do that – actually “see” some work being done. Today we hauled several loads of tree trimmings down to the “dump” pile at the Buxton RV site. Here is a couple of shots of one of the many dumps we did:



Only thing different from the “boy” version is that we have to fill the dump truck up by hand with the tree and bush refuse. S-L-O-W work for sure. But the “dump” part goes fast.

Oh well – at least half the job is easy. And besides, if it was “easy’ everybody would do it right?

And YES… that IS a snow plow on the front of the truck. That is another experience altogether. Going down the highway that was designed for two cars to squeak by. Of course the snow plow extends about a foot or so beyond the edges of the truck and of course the road we take to and from Buxton is a MAJOR logging road with 18 wheelers running it every day. What’s the chance of meeting one of those on this windy road? 100% Guaranteed…

Fun, fun, pucker fun.



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