Buxton Buddies

Buxton….Oregon that is…. Y’all come back ya hear! (OK that was sort-of stolen from the Beverly Hillbilies theme).

Anyway. We spent yesterday and today (probably tomorrow too) down at the “new” Buxton work site. This is going to be a future RV spot for the Banks-Vernonia trail host.

Here is a shot looking down the road that leads to the new spot. We have to “clear” the over-hanging branches so an RV can make it down the road without getting a new pinstripe job on the rig…


This is one of several “load” of tree branches we carted off after cutting them off. Another shot of the same area from the Front of the truck.  The piles you see in the picture took us about 3 hours to create and another hour or so to pick up.


The weather man said it was raining today…we did not even notice. I think our host Ranger here at the park is putting something into the water supply for all the hosts here at the park. No one seems to notice it raining…unless it is so bad you can’t see your car.

But even with the rain and working temperatures under 40 degrees everything is:


So what is NEW in YOUR world?


3 thoughts on “Buxton Buddies

  1. What’s new in my world, you ask? I’m still trying to survive the savage and brutal city that is Phoenix, Arizona. I can’t begin to tell you the hell I have endured since I moved up here.

    1. Been there and done that.. Lived in Phoenix on 48th and McDowell for a whole year. Gangs included. Lot’s of war stories to tell. When we get together we can swap them… Just saying.

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