The good, the bad and the muddy…

OK…test question for all you “wanna-be’s” out there. What kind of tool is this? What is it’s name? Hmmmmmm………


Not worth any cash prize but if you know I will be impressed indeed.

We used this tool and many others today on our mountain bike trail building day. Here is Heather suited up and ready to head out down the the work site a couple of miles or so in. We had to drive our “Gator” in a couple of miles as far as we can and then hike the last leg to the work site. Of course with all this gear on and just before we head out the most famous words ever heard are spoken: “I need to pee….”


We both do and move on….The next shot is the trail we are cutting in the woods. The camera is straight….And yes – the angle is steep. It is hard to stand on much less push a trail through.


That black figure in the distance is “Bob” one of the most awesome hosts here working on the trail. We have a hard time keeping up with “Bob’ (our senior) but he takes a break ever couple of hours or so to let us catch our breath. Dave is in the brown vest down the hill – not sure what he is doing off the trail. May have fallen and just now got back up…

This is Heather “getting-jiggy-wid-it” with the special tool some of you that love a challenge MIGHT be able to name.


It was a great work day… 30ish degrees and NO rain. Of course everything IS wet out there and when we get back we have to literally hose ourselves down (and our gear) before we even think about going back to the RV for some chow.


Who says you can’t grow old and still play in the mud?

We do (smile).

UPDATE: We have a “winner” on the tool challenge: Rachel of Winchester Bay… She noted that it is a fireman’s tool of some kind. It is… A wildfire firefighter’s tool. Mclasky is this specific type. About $150 each if you want one.



5 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the muddy…

  1. it looks like a fire rake/hoe??? but never saw one with holes in it but the one I remember was back in the 70’s! AND I still play in the mud,,,when I go muddin!! :O)

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