Working on the railroad…sort of.

The song goes” I’ve been working on the railroad… And we will be. Sort of. One of the things we will do here at Stub Stewart is work on the Banks-Vernonia trail that used to be a real railroad.

Now it is a bike trail.

Today we worked on a new trail that will eventually link into the Banks-Vernonia (BV) trail at some time in the future. Four of us “hosts” got out there and slogged away at the underbrush, vines, trees, rocks and duff that will become a trail some day.  It is a challenge just getting there. We leave the park and drive a couple of miles…go down a trail another mile or so, park the vehicle (off road vehicle) and then do a 10 minute or so hike into the woods to the work site. A good workout just getting here.

We are using all hand tools right now and are literally busting out a new path on the side of a hill.

Put up a pic soon…


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