Our drive to Stub Stewart.

We left The Cove yesterday morning at 8 (early for us) and made it to Stub Stewart by 5. According to Google maps it should have taken us 4 1/2 hours, it took us 9, that’s about right 🙂 Pictures are aplenty and in no particular order. Apparently none of the captions show up now so all the work I put into adding stories to the photos is for naught…I guess I have to find another way to do updates, oh well.

Frozen. Just chillin... Don't touch the metal! Encased... Slip and Slide Multnomah Falls

There we are!

Multnomah Falls


Cool Tunnel. Roadside waterfall. Bridge of the Gods The Historic Highway, off the beaten path. Narrow and snowy road.

Following the Old Historic highways

Looking into Washington State.

Looking into Washington State

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Old and New

The old and the new.

Mountain Identifier, 300 mile view of the Cascade Range.

Mt Identifier, hard to tell in the picture but you can see from Mt Bachelor north to Mt Rainier, about 300 miles of the Cascade Range.

Sunrise over Lake Billy Chinook and our parting view of The Cove Palisades. Our parting sunset.

Sunrise and sunset and The Cove

Saying "See ya later" to good friends Carol and Woody.

Saying “See ya Later” to really good friends.

Watching the road through the viewfinder.

Watching the road through the viewfinder.

Packing up at 14 degrees...

A bit chilly for packing.


One thought on “Our drive to Stub Stewart.

  1. no captions on the email but captions on the website!! you guys have way too much fun!!! give Dizzy a kissy from me!! miss you guys! I won’t be working in March but we’ll stop by and bug ya!! lol!! hugs!
    rachel and Aiden and Christina

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