Getting there was half the fun…

Road trip today. We left the Cove Palisades in central Oregon around 8ish this morning. Hooking up was C-O-L-D. I guess the first indication it was cold outside was when our feet hit the ground and literally “stuck” to the pavement…

We took highway 97 North all the way to the Columbia Gorge. On the way we passed a couple of “ghost towns” and lots of beautiful terrain. As soon as we turned onto I-84 and headed West the wind was our greatest foe. It was so windy the river below as white capped most of the way.

We took the advice of Carol and Woody (thanks) and drove the old highway 30 that runs in the area. It was an outstanding drive and view. Some of it was a little sketchy with a 32 foot RV and a 16 foot trailer but white knuckles aside we had a great time and great views.

We eventually made it to Multnomah falls and stopped for a hike up to the bridge and a good hot coffee and gift shop.

It was snowing there and the views were outstanding. We hiked up a bit and went beyond the walkover bridge (see link above) and went as far as we thought safe. The mist from the falls was freezing on the trail and the rails. At least a few inches of ice on everything. Good thing we were skiing the other day because we had to use those skills on the way down.

Again (its late now) we will have to edit this post and put a couple of pictures of that hike up here too.

Then we “muddled” through Portland (ugh…) and on to our new home in Stub Stewart state park….

We will be here a couple of months working on the Banks-Vernonia trail system.

Fun, fun and more fun than any host should be allowed to contemplate!!!


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