Moving On

Change. It happens to us all…

And for Heather and Dave change has come again. We have been “hanging out” at the Cove Palisades State Park for a long time. Most of our projects are complete. Some minor ones are not. But so goes the life of a park volunteer. We never get done. In fact if you “get done” then you really don’t need to be a park host. You need to go “park it” somewhere else and continue to vegetate… Park Hosts are ALWAYS on the move.

Tomorrow we head for Stub Stewart State Park near Banks and Vernonia Oregon.  We have been there many times and are returning for a special project this month and February. The park has a “new” area on the Banks-Vernonia trail in the middle of nowhere that is just being constructed.

We will help with the basic construction, clean-up and landscaping of the new area. In March we go back to Umpqua River Lighthouse for a couple of months. Then we return to Stub Stewart for the entire Summer and stay at the remote area we are “fixing up” this January and February.

We love all these parks and so enjoy putting our time to good use. Between us two we have over 4400 hours of volunteer time in Oregon state parks.

On the sad note: we again leave good friends. We will miss the local basketball games. The local folks who take us into their homes and the folks that live in the area. “Sigh….”

A special shout out to Carol and Woody for all the good food, fireside chats, road trips and just good old belly laughs that we shared. (Think free phone here….)

We are going to miss you guys.

As “Arnold” would say: “We’ll be back!”


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. We are so going to miss our adventures together. Enjoy your seasons at Stub and Umpqua where that awesome humor, maintenance, and interp shall continue. See you sometime next summer. Free phone yet??

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