Grays on trays-also known as old folks on snowboards…

Go for it! That was the advice from the ski lift operator as we went through the gates to the lift up the hill. We were both “strapped in” and ready to cut some grooves in the snow on the way down the mountain. Earlier we had talked to a “host” at Mt. Bachelor and discovered the term “grays on trays” or older folks on snowboards. The “host” was around 65 or so in age and in my eyes was a “pro” snowboarder.

I was told one of the most challenging things to do while snowboarding is simply getting off the ski lift in one piece. That’s because you have one foot loose and one foot strapped into the board. It is a definite challenge. We saw lots of “flops” into the snow (some face down) and a few crashes.

After a couple of runs down the slope (Dave is a beginner) the confidence was beginning to get high. Third or so run down the hill and Dave was full out…at least until his board dug into the snow and he went from 30MPH to Zero in .005 seconds. The crash was so spectacular that even Dave (after he regained consciousness) got up and did a big cheer for the spectacle.

Heather was much more fluid and got her groove back on no time.

We were at Mt. Bachelor…beautiful sunny day, no wind and around 20 degrees…

We only took time out to pee and grab a bit to eat. You should have seen the tears as the ski attendants started to close things down.

We skied from about 10am till closing at 4pm.

Not bad…pictures up soon.


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