An icy hike at Smith Rocks

A couple weeks ago we went on a hike at Smith Rocks State Park, not too far from The Cove. We hiked Misery Ridge, our favorite hike there. It is misery in the summer due to the heat and the steep climb but we didn’t think it would be too bad that day because it was only about 32 degrees (but sunny!). Turns out the temperature isn’t the only cause of misery…ice is pretty bad too… The trail was slick both up and down the mountain. No snow on the ground but the trail was like a steep sidewalk of ice. It made for a nice, challenging hike though, worked a whole different group of muscles than normal. Surprisingly there were a lot of people there that day, almost all hiking the same trail. We figured with the cold weather and the approaching holiday that we would have the place almost to ourselves, not so. There were even rock climbers on the wall! I’ll give Oregonians that, the weather doesn’t stop them from getting out there.

We went back the following weekend and hiked a different trail that we hadn’t done before. It was a nice, flat hike along the river but when we got to the end we decided to head up Burma Road which goes up a hillside at about 45 degrees. We didn’t go all the way up, we stopped when we got to the canal. During growing season the canal is filled with water and flows to the farms of Central Oregon, it’s an amazing system. There’s a tunnel that goes through the mountain, we walked a few yards into it until I got too claustrophobic…we could see the light at the other end but it would have taken us a long time to get there and without lights I wasn’t about to try it…Weanie, I know, but I have a pretty vivid and usually morbid imagination, it tends to get in the way.

Anyway, a few pictures…

Looking down at the Crooked River from the Misery Ridge Trail Icy trail down...looks like it leads into the river... Dave takes a deep breath after sliding down the trail... View from the top. Normally you can see the Cascades but they're under the clouds today. Looking down what we just came up. A collection of rock stacks. Adding my own little stack. Nice collection. Dizzy's Mom Exploring...need to bring climbing shoes next time to go further...

A couple pictures need to be turned up but every time I do it through the attachment page it deletes the picture…argh. So far I’m kinda 50/50 on how WordPress changed that page. Part of it is kinda nice and works well but other parts irritate the crap out of me!! Like the deleting pictures when I turn them part, that’s annoying. Also, the pictures are in reverse order, the start of the hike starts at the bottom of the page.

Anyways, the pictures are just from the first hike but we had a lot of fun on both hikes. Someday, we’ll host there, hopefully in the fall or winter. There’s so much to do right out the front door.


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