Handy Man

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce – “t-w-e-e-t”!!!

And WHAT is that on your hand?


Have you been to the club again? Nope. Been to a fair? Nope. Been stamped by a fairy – maybe… I know. It was a local high school basketball game right?


Life in the small town. Love it.

We spent the evening with friends at the local “Beetle Baily” hamburger joint. The food was some of the best in the area. Great coffee and burgers with hand cut fries…yum!!!

Then it was three or so streets over (town only has about 20) to the local basketball game. Our team lost against a much better prepared (and funded) team but they gave it a super try with what they had. Way to go guys…

Seniors got in free and we had to pay $4 each. Money goes for the light bill and to support the team. Worth every penny to see small town America still in action and to see how the small farming community comes together to live out American history…



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