Pee Messages, Horseshoes and other Holiday things.

Christmas Eve… A time of eating and reflection, and eating and more reflection and of course more eating. A time to be thankful for what we have. And what we DON’T have (to put up with).

It has snowed here a lot the last couple of days. The area is beautiful… This is a look at the field close to our RV where the deer roam during the day and the owls and coyotes at night.


We took the time to build a snow girl. Heather was our model… Is that a shark in her hair? Yup…land shark!!!


Then it was off to the most important part of the day.   -HORSESHOES- in the snow…. Everybody (except those in Florida of course) does that this time of year – right? We do. Cold playing and hard to find the horseshoes but fun, fun and more fun. Heather won. AGAIN…go figure. She plays for keeps – and often lets me get a point or two (helps my ego) before she goes in for the kill…


After all this activity, Dizzy was getting impatient for his dinner. He tried several time to bark his way back home. Then he tried to make strange faces (we see that a lot) to convince us that dinner time was here and finally decided to write my name to get my attention… I have to say it got my attention since he spelled out each letter with great care.


Now THAT is dog talent on loan from God…

What else to do? We went home, made dinner and ate, ate, ate…and then watched some old re-runs on our “oldies” station that comes over the broadcast antenna. Heather is making what I call “crack cookies”…the old-fashioned sugar cookies that get eaten as soon as they emerge from the oven.

Life in an rumbles along. At such a pace that when we (both) go to the doctors for whatever they usually say “Dang – you look good for X age…”

I think my blood pressure is around 110/71 or something like that… Resting pulse around 67. Not bad for an old fella… Must be the lack of stress catching up to me…

Heather agrees…

Merry Christmas everyone.


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