Snowfolks in birthday suits…near you?

It’s cold…28 degrees or so. Three inches of fresh new snow on the ground. Owls talking to each other in “Owlesque” language only they understand (or can spell). The moon is putting rays of moonlight over the slumbering trees and foliage in the empty park we are in. All souls – living and not-so-living are bedding down to a quiet night of Winter induced sleep.

Us two? What to do on this cold night with the wind moving so slow it is not even making a sound?

Don our shoes and run around the RV….Naked?

Really? Surly you jest!!! I mean would any rational being take time to take off all their warm clothes and put on just a pair of shoes and then run around their RV naked?

Stranger things have happened. I am sure that somewhere in the Great United States that someone, somewhere is taking the time to back away from the craziness of Christmas shopping and over-indulgence of adult beverages and is taking the time to bless this land with a naked romp around their RV in the moon light snow…


Perhaps somewhere close to us…perhaps in your RV park.

Take a look – be sure to look for happy faces and keep YOUR eyes on their eyes and nothing else.


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