The official State Parks blog entry about our newly completed Crooked River Amphitheater!

The Cove Rattler

Welcome to the grand unveiling of our BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW AMPHITHEATER!

After months of chiseling, chainsawing, laughing, crying (from laughter…mostly), and hammering, the new Crooked River Amphitheater is now complete!  Shiny and offering spectacular scenery, the new area will provide comfortable rustic benches (think no more hot buns on the hot stadium bleachers), views of Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood and the rest of the Cove Palisades vista, and a giant woodsy screen to view the coolest of movies.

I know you have been combing your inbox, pacing and waiting for the latest juciest Cove post from the Rattler to appear in your email.  Thank you, so much, for waiting patiently while our writers were elbows deep in this project!  Now that it is complete, we are already to blog again…hurray!

There is also a BONUS campfire area for roasting marshmallows during our Star Spangle S’mores Memorial Day celebration along…

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    1. Mostly for campground programs but they might get to do some movies next summer. Last summer we did a live play in this amphitheater, using metal bleachers then.

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