Time to get caught up a bit…

I’ve uploaded a ton of pictures, now it’s time to put them in posts.

I’ll start with a few random pictures.  (WordPress seems to have changed their media section again, and so far, I’m not liking it, more steps than before and I can’t find a way to change the picture size, so we’ll see how it goes.)

0814022042Heart in NatureThat's a giant Croc! (think Steve Irwin)1210021522Miss Tux, owner of Carol and Woody, out host friends here in Crooked River Campground.My boys watching tv together, awww, quality male-bonding time.Our badly burnt Thanksgiving day pie, that was a sad evening. :( Happy Thanksgiving to the deer of Crooked River...Dizzy's Christmas present from Carol and Woody--Thanks guys! Driving into the blue!New Ramen bowls for Christmas--Thanks Talia!!

Ok, I figured out the new media page changes, it’s not so bad I guess, but it stills seems like more steps than before. Oh well, as long as it works.


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