Bend’s Christmas Parade

December 1 we went to Bend’s Christmas Parade. If I hadn’t twisted my ankle in October I would have run the Jingle Bell 5K that morning, too, but sadly, no.

Oh well, we still had a great day in Bend. The parade was awesome. Bend is a good size town (80K pop) but the parade still had the small town feel, local heroes, marching bands, Girl and Boy Scouts, 4H, lots of horses and dogs, even a few goats. And Lamb Chop! THE Lamb Chop with Mallory Lewis. It was all live on TV, too. We stood behind the audio/visual tent so we could see their screens and what was coming up down the road.

Dizzy staying warm and comfy in Dave's jacket, he's got the best view. Ok, I was creeped out by the elf face at first, but now I'm even more creeped out since I noticed the face in the hat...Bend's Cycle Pub, we've seen it around town a few times, it's pretty cool. It's got a bartender in the center so you can just pedal through town and drink local beers. They even do Fire Drills at red lights. Too funny and so unique to this town. One of CyclePubs other family-friendly cycles--I want to ride it! A unicycle club from one of the local elementary schools. A living Nativity on a float. IMG_2834IMG_2792IMG_2795IMG_2799She's a local hero--pretty cool that she got a place in the parade. IMG_2805It's the Polar Express! The engine is a Class A  motorhome, the engineer is hanging out of the kitchen window. It's done up really well. The passenger car is a school bus full of kids! Best float ever! They even put on a little skit. IMG_2815Another living Nativity scene on a float.IMG_2836IMG_2838


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