History DOES repeat itself…

Once upon a time long ago (on another blog) I told a story of putting some biscuits from a can into the microwave to cook. I accidentally put the microwave into “normal” operation instead of “convection” like I should have. Instead of baking the biscuits I was nuking them. Result: black hockey pucks. The rest of the story was about getting the hockey pucks out of the RV because the fire alarm was going off and about the birds grabbing them as soon as they hit the ground and flying off with them. Smoke trails following…

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2012.

Not exactly the same but very similar. Tonight after dinner I put the apple pie into the microwave (on a metal tin of course) and was SUPPOSED to bake it for 15 minutes or so at 370 degrees…

I guess I failed again. Because about 10 minutes into the cycle Heather was noting how good the smell was coming from the microwave followed by my agreement – smelled delicious. About 5 seconds later that was followed by a Holy Crap and the old burning-smoking-stinking up the RV fire drill…

Crap-I had it on microwave instead of convection oven AGAIN!!!

There it was again. Smoke pouring out of the microwave and filling the room with the sick smell of burnt sugar and carbohydrates…yum.

Total meltdown.

The deer may be enjoying the burnt apple pie because it’s in the field behind the house…
They may need some antacid by the morning… Pray for the deer.

We prevailed though..we cooked ANOTHER apple crumb pie from a box. Dinner was saved…



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