Blown away!

Yesterday was the windiest day we’ve ever seen here at the Cove. Winds around 55 mph projected and I’m sure we got higher than that. But, we still spent the day working outside on the amphitheater benches. It was difficult at times but we made great progress in getting the benches cut and ready to be installed on their pedestals. The campground looked like a scene from the Dust Bowl. The fields had been tilled under a day or two before so all of that newly loose dirt became an Arizona style dust storm, in Oregon. Other than some branches down in the campground we didn’t see any damage but the waves on the lake were pretty crazy. In the end some of the docks that make  up the border of the swimming areas were spread across the lake and turned upside down, another dock was sheared off of the seawall and apparently some railings were torn off some other docks. It was all built for a lake, not an ocean. Crazy winds and lots of rain for all of Oregon yesterday, lots of flooding in the Portland area and more damage on the coast. Winter is here.


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