Fall in Crooked River Campground

As Dave mentioned in the last post we are back in the Crooked River Campground, in the same site that we spent the summer in. There is a wonderful lack of noise here now! It’s so quiet you can hear the deer walking through the campsites and playing in the tall grass in the fields. And it’s dark! We have about 5 acres to ourselves in our corner of the campground but we also have a few hundred more acres of open fields behind and beside us, below us in the canyon is the lake, across the river is the Tam-a-Lau trail, behind the plateau the trail is on is the other campground which is shut down for the winter, and the park office and shop which shut down by 4, so there are no lights to interfere with our stargazing, except our own porch light. The weather has been awesome the last 2 days and we’ve actually been able to sit around the campfire without freezing or getting drenched. But, alas, the wind has picked up and there’s a cold front moving in with the possibility of snow over the weekend…oh well, ’tis that time. I’m looking forward to some snow sports this winter!

We also have pretty decent internet here so we’ll be able to keep up to date (ish).


One thought on “Fall in Crooked River Campground

  1. You guys, I am so jealous!! how pretty it is!!! and i really like the hay bales!! Dizzy you silly boy, lovin the leaves!! thanks for the updates!! sorry I wasn’t able to stop and say goodbye!

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