Happy Birthday Dave!!

Busy day…Got up early (8am…) to get packed up and moved, it was Host Rearrangement Day here at Umpqua. We’re not leaving until tomorrow but other hosts needed to move to our site so incoming hosts could move into theirs, RVs were moving all over our little area, lots of tire tracks in the grass. But, everything went well, they’re all moved and settled in and we’re all packed up and ready to take off in the morning. We’re heading back to the Cove Palisades (where we spent this summer). We’ll be there for a couple of months working on the big amphitheater seating project we couldn’t get to this summer. It will be cold but mostly dry, and a lot closer to snowboarding and snow shoeing!

Anyway, onto more pictures from yesterday!

After spending 3 hours getting dressed up and putting make up on we only had 3 people come into the museum, but they all took tours and had to have their pictures taken with the Zombie tour guide, it was a tour they’ll never forget! The museum was open late for Trick-or-Treaters, 14 showed up but there was a ton of candy left. After closing we had a dinner with everybody here and then Dave and I stayed dressed up and went to Reedsport to donate the candy to the Trunk-or-Treat festivities. That was pretty cool. They had the whole neighborhood around the hosting church blocked off, there were probably 20 cars backed up with their trunks open and the houses on the street were well decked-out and handing out candy too. There was a long line of kids going trunk to trunk and the Coast Guard was there with their 25′ Surf boat on display, we got inside to check it out, and I have to say that it was really a challenge to climb into the boat in a dress without flashing the guy helping me up…but I made it! (…it takes a lot of effort to be ladylike…)  We gave a bucket full of candy to them to give out but somehow we still came home with half a bucket–everyone was just throwing candy in every bucket that went by! And Dave got a lot of comments on his make up 🙂

We got home around 930 and then it was time to take off the make-up….that was almost as time consuming as putting it on…



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