Another foreign fighter fail…

Foreign fighters – al-Qaeda mostly, have spent years training to spread their sick beliefs and carnage around the world. And now, on the peaceful coast of Oregon we have been attacked by one of their very best:    mouse-Qaeda.

Monstrous and evil are his ways. Sneaky. Down right not nice…

While we were going about our business in the RV the beast attacked. He positioned himself in the rear bedroom and placed his beady eyes on his target – us.  He got the first look and THAT is a direct threat…

But, my superior training with the Army Special Operations prevailed! The moment he moved my eyes tracked him and plotted a course for HIS destruction. With only nano-seconds remaining I launched a full frontal attack in his direction. The terrorist was stunned. He hesitated. And that was his down fall. Hesitation…

I ran down the hall and began the process of isolation and termination. Rugs were flying, screaming was plentiful, Heather was backing me up with the killer broom…broom strands flying in all directions. When the commotion finally died down and the dust settled in the room…the terrorist was gone.

 The little punk escaped. Chicken shat…

Crap. I must be getting old.

The mouse-Qaeda made a dash out the only possible avenue of escape in the room.

And that my friends is the reason I know he was mouse-Qaeda! An ordinary mouse would have gotten confused, perhaps had SOME sense of confusion. But this punk was well-trained. In fact I think the whole attack was coordinated with infra-red lasers, night vision and other high-tech devices.

Not to fear. The Pentagon has authorized me to use any lethal force necessary to bring down this mouse-Qaeda cell. And I will. Tonight I will use a super secret anti-mouse-Qaeda preparation on my rudimentary mouse-Qaeda termination device and forever rid this spot in Oregon of the low-life mouse-Qaeda cell.

That is IF the punk generates  the mousey fortitude to come back into my war zone.

I will be waiting. On guard… Always watching the area for enemy activity. I WILL BE READY!!!

I will let you know of the outcome…


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