Another Rainy Day.

It must be fall, we’ve been stuck inside for the last 2 days because it’s been raining too much to do anything else. Every time the rain stops we jump up & change clothes to go outside and exercise, but as soon as we open the door, the rain begins again… It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a warm rain, but it’s not, it’s cold rain with wind. Ugh… so, we’ve been tinkering around with miscellaneous projects inside.

So far Dave has fixed 2 drawers and added much needed support to our shaky dining room table.  Today was supposed to be a no project day but at breakfast our silverware drawer latch decided to break so that we couldn’t close the drawer. In a kitchen that’s only 4′ by 4′ a drawer that won’t close is just, well, in the way… So, Dave fixed the latch, and then he cleaned and oiled the drawer hardware, then took out the next drawer and did the same, then the third drawer…Then he opened the cabinet next to the drawers and noticed the hinges were a little loose and one was a little rusty, so he took those off and cleaned them up, fixed the loose door panel, and vacuumed. Now, he’s putting it all back together and adding additional screws. So, what started as a simple, quick fix, became an all day ordeal….Oh well, it was raining.

And just when he gets it all put back together and thinks he’s done he closes the silverware drawer and the latch breaks again! For good this time….looks like we’ve got something else to replace, 3 years seems to be the lifespan of a lot of the stuff in our RV.


Now, for the 9 pm update:

He’s found something else,

A leak!! From the water heater, which is between the drawers he was originally working on and the microwave.

So, the drawers are out again and now the microwave has made its way all the way into the living room (which, in our RV, is only about 5′ away from its home…).  A handyman’s work is never done, especially when the handyman is as persnickety as Dave. Looks like it will be an easy fix though, just a loose connection. A lucky break, just in time for bed.

It is interesting though to see how our RV is built, we’re always learning something new about our home on wheels.  Lucky for us we’re both mechanically inclined and everything on and in our rig is relatively easy to fix or replace.

————————— 10:45 Update 2 ————————————

Dave says: Think it’s 99% done. Leak looks like it has stopped. Got it all cleaned up and dried with a hair dryer. Time for some ice cream!!!

What else could possibly go wrong? (Did he just say that out loud?)


6 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day.

  1. I see the Dremel 4000, I have the same one and while working on a project I found this little thing that makes it works a bit better (No Pun Intended)

    The one that comes with it never wanted to secure with the tool spinning on the right axis without messing with it first. This one, the only thing I don’t like is that it unscrews too far. I can deal with that though.

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