Picture Updates

Time for some more random pictures and story snippettes.


Before we made our way over the mountains from the Cove to Umpqua River we spent some time at La Pine State Park and spent a day driving the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway (read about it here).  By the time we got to the end of the Byway we were in Bend and starving so we sought out a burger joint and came across Hardy’s.

So far, the best restaurant hamburger I’ve ever had! I had the Barnyard Burger, a fried egg on top of a burger with bacon and cheese. Not diet friendly at all,but so good! I’ve had one at another restaurant since then and it was bland compared to Hardy’s. Dave had a classic burger and we had 2 orders of wings, different flavors (Garlic Herb and I can’t remember the other one now…). The wings were also awesome; deep fried, not diet friendly and so, so tasty. Those made it home for lunch the next day. It was the owner of the place, Hardy, who took our order and brought us our delicious food. How often does that happen in a city? The last picture is the sign on the building next door, they’re just saying…learn how to drive. There are a lot of patches on that wall where people have obviously hit it.


That’s it for now! There will probably be a lot more over the winter as I pick through my hard-drive full of photos.


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