HallowZombieWalk-n-Stagger with Pucker Factor

Getting close to Halloween… spooky and scary things all around. Zombie movies on TV. Zombie games on the computer. Vampire things on several shows… Candy and scary lights every where you look.

So. What to do?

How about a walk abound Lake Marie after dark?


Why not? I mean, it’s raining and the sun is down. The trail is normally dark but with the rain and nightfall it’s “extra” dark….. S K A R Y!!! as they say in Mississippi.

So off we go. Into the deep dark wet woods surrounding Lake Marie. Of course on the way Dave has to discuss what an excellent location this would be for an ax murder… or some other “special” person to lurk.

We see nothing. Nada. Nope. No vamps, no ghouls, no goblins, nothing.

Guess we will have to try tomorrow…

Economy must be “killing” the scary creatures too…


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