We caught the crabs!

We finally got a couple of hours free to go crabbing this afternoon! We had a group of 75+ 4th graders at the lighthouse today so it was a busy lunchtime for all of us hosts here. But, it all went well. We had a few minor shutter fixes after that and then decided to head to the docks before the big VP debate started.

We didn’t take all of our rings and cages today, just our little butterfly traps and the brand new snare I found at the lake last week (why there was a crab snare at the lake where there are no crabs I have no idea…). There weren’t many people out there so we had lots of open space to set up, but apparently we picked the only area void of crab…others were pulling up their traps with at least 10 crabs in them, no keepers but still! We’d pull ours up empty…maybe the crab just didn’t like our bait? After about an hour we started pulling in 2 or 3 each time, but still no keepers. Oh well, good thing we don’t have to rely on our crabbing skills to eat. No real luck with the snare, I had one giant crab sitting on top of it but since it wasn’t caught in a snare it jumped off as soon as I pulled it out of the water. We still had fun, and Dizzy learned to bark at the seagulls that tried to steal the bait.


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