Visits from friends

Umpqua River Lighthouse is a popular place for us. Every time we host here we are inundated with visits from friends. We’ve had friends visit us in a couple of other parks but here at the lighthouse gatherings have come to be expected.

At our very first hosting assignment at Heceta Head Lighthouse we worked with a great group of volunteers who, like us, were all newbies to the hosting world. We all became “family” and have kept in touch, most of them we see at least once a year.

Gio was the first of that group that we saw when we arrived here in September, and he’s staying just down the road so we’ll see him often. Then it was Mike and Kathy who are hosting at a State Park also just down the road and will be taking our place here at Umpqua when we leave in November.  The same day they showed up Bonnie, Tal and Butterfly came through town so the 6 of us went out for a reunion dinner. It’s been a lot of fun so far getting back together with our Heceta Gang. There are a few more out there traveling the states but we still talk to them often and will see them again on the road.

In between meetings with the gang we’ve made new friends with Jim and Linda, a couple that had been hosting here at Umpqua. We fed them well

We also had a great week with my best friend Christina, her boyfriend and their daughter. They’ve just begun their life on the road and it was exciting to see their new home on wheels. We had a lot of fun, I was sad to see them leave.

It’s great to have great friends!


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