Shout out to our New Zealand/Oakridge Oregon friends…

On our way from the Cove state park we ventured West on highway 58 into the small town of Oakridge Oregon.  On our cruise through the town we decided to check out the local bakery for bread and coffee. What a treat!!!

Just after getting a cup of house coffee and looking over the bread we noticed a nice couple relaxing and enjoying some coffee themselves. I asked a few questions and we were soon gleaning the love of the area and of New Zealand this couple shared.

Marcello and Heidie were great ambassadors of their “home” towns… Marcello from Oakridge and Heidie from New Zealand. After talking to them we wanted to book our flights to New Zealand!!! (Sigh) If only we had the money to make that trip…

On the bucket list for sure.

We spent an hour or so swapping stories made in Oregon and our love for everything “bike”. Marcello hand crafted Heather a bracelet made from a bike spoke. TALENT on loan from God for sure…

We had to move on but will always remember our sweet time with the lovely couple. You two guys are great human beings and will bring many good things to those that meet you.


I LOVE the bracelet! It’s not often someone you just met makes you something by hand. Glad to have met you both and hope to meet you again in the future. Take care! ~Heather


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