Three Fingered Jack

On Tuesday we hiked the Canyon Creek Trail to the base of Three Fingered Jack. It was the highlight hike of the summer! We might do it again before we leave here in a few weeks but next time we’ll camp in one of the primo alpine spots we found at the base of the mountain. Here’s the article that led us there, wish I could write like that… (Anything in bold is a link….)

Most of the hike is through forest that was burned in the B&B Complex fire in 2003.  It’s amazing to see not only how much land was burned but also the new variety of flowers, grasses and trees that are replacing the firs and pines that were lost.                                

~Click on a picture to see it larger~  I need some feedback on how the photos show up when clicked on…it doesn’t seem to be doing what I was hoping for…Comments would be appreciated- I’m still trying to figure this out and I’m not a computer whiz.


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