The Dark Frog Rises

Ok… I know all you Batman groupies out there are going to the movies this weekend to get your Batman fix.

Us? We have the REAL THING here at the Cove Palisades State Park…. No really.

Batman (AKA Frogman) lives… Here is a picture of him by our coffee pot. He snuck in with our plants we had to keep inside while we were on a hike in the mountains.

Sneaky little frog:

And as happy as he/she was to munch on some coffee drips and coffee beans in the corner it was soon apparent that he/she was ready to go-go-go. Seconds after being discovered the mighty frog made its way to the screen door and planned an escape..

With the anti-frog barrier in place the he/she had little choice but to violate the Prime Frog Directive and mind meld with the most animal friendly person on the craft:

The trick worked. The animal friendly carbon life form was soon under the control of the he/she and directed the carbon life form to lower the frog screen… And she did.

The he/she was last seen leaping for joy and due to the excessive caffeine level in its blood stream was able to leap right out of the park and soon enter hyper-space. Or hyper place or in any case just got the frog out of there…

Now THAT is one awesome leap – high above all the carbon life form crafts in the area…

Ok… I know I used a lot of Star Trek references there but I simply forgot all my Batman trivia at this time of the night (11:11PM) .

Time for bed… or is that suspended animation?


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