Random Pictures

The brand new amphitheatre at the newly rebuilt Crooked River Campground at The Cove Palisades State Park.  Soon we’ll be doing a majority of our camp programs here. We’ll be using bleachers for awhile but there are new, shiny, hand cut and sanded benches waiting to be put in. It’s probably going to take us until August to get them all put in, each one has to be placed, measured, cut, placed again, adjusted to the proper height and hand chipped to fit the stands perfectly and to be at the perfect height. It’s going to take some time but it will be totally worth it. This is the only amphitheater in the state with a view of the Cascades. To the left is Mt. Jefferson, to the right is Mt. Hood.

Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood in a beautiful sunset. Of course it’s hard to catch the pure colors on a camera.

Dave chillaxing

around the fire in our

nice, big “yard”.

The Bend CyclePub,–>

http://www.cyclepub.com/Powered by people and beer! Cool to see and it looked and sounded like everyone on the CyclePub was having a blast.

<–View of Lake Billy Chinook, The Cove Marina and Resort and the Crooked River Day-use from one of the overlooks.

The other side of the overlook, looking at the Island, the Deschutes River arm, a piece of the Crooked River arm and the Cascades in the background. The park headquarters and Deschutes Campground sit in that saddle between rivers. In the foreground is a Big Sagebrush, it smells sooo good!

The Sisters, Broken Top and to the far left the top of Mt. Bachelor. This is the view over the fields around Culver. It’s hard to tell in this picture but it’s a beautiful sight on a bright day with the blue skies, green fields and snow-capped mountains.

Fishing on the Deschutes River at Smith Rocks State Park. We didn’t catch anything but still had a good time. It was like looking in one of those fishing magazines with the rushing white water upriver and the water in front of you so calm you can see the reflection of the rocks above. We saw Osprey, herons, families of ducks and geese,  and we heard an Eagle calling from a nest in the rocks. There were a lot of people on the other side of the river hiking and climbing but no one else fishing.  We watched a couple of climbers on our side for awhile, I wanted to join them but I’m far from being in climbing shape anymore and it’s been about 12 years since I last climbed Smith Rocks…

Mountain Identifier wayside in north central Oregon. I wish I could have put a panoramic photo together…It’s difficult to make out because of the haze but you can see from Mt Bachelor, near Bend all the way to Mt Rainier, near Tacoma, Wa, you can’ even see Mt St Helens on a really clear day. That’s about 3oo miles of the Cascade Mountains. From this viewpoint you’re looking at 8 volcanoes, pretty neat.


2 thoughts on “Random Pictures

  1. wow!! that fishing hole is fabulous!!! what great pics! Can’t wait to see the next installment! take care and I got the book back! hope you both enjoyed it! Wait till you read the next one! lol
    miss you! ttys!
    rachel from the URLH!

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