MacGyver Rule – Duct tape WILL fix it…

For those of you not from the “80’s” TV generation MacGyver could do almost anything with nothing. Especially duct tape and hair pins…

Our mega bucks backup/rear view/driving/compass/temperature “system” has been dead for quiet some time. We only use it on the road while driving and it is helpful but not necessary for the RV to work.

Enter the ONLY time we rally needed it… When we had to back up the RV for two miles on a dusty road in Moab Utah after getting stopped dead at a deep ravine that 4X4’s had a hard time getting across.

Of course the backup camera did not work then. Before that it was on and off at will.

Today however I MacGyver’d it… really. Turns out after downloading the schematic for the device and tracing the electrical wires and fuses down everything checked out OK. Crap… Had to be something. So I worked from the mirror system out and headed for the connectors following the lead wire out of the device.


Unplugged. Not connected. Ajar. Gaping air hole… between the connectors.

Solution. Plugged back together.

Turns out the two connectors do not have any method to stay plugged together and separate easily.

Go duct tape….


There… I fixed it.



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