Americana: Things associated with the culture and history of America…

Tonight was an Americana night. The 4th was spent first doing “Patriotic Tie Dye” and later producing a “Red, White and Blue Smores” program at the state park. Then it was off to Madras, Oregon for the 10PM fireworks show. The show was easy to get to, easy to find parking and easy to watch. We sat on the back of the car and watched about 30 to 45 minutes of good professional fireworks mixed in with the hooting and hollering (and fireworks) of the locals…

Americana at its best.

The moon was full and the fireworks were great. When the show was over most people simply picked up what fireworks they had shot off and packed up the car. People actually took time to let other cars go in front of them and even took “turns” letting cars out of the parking lot. Amazing. No shooting, no shouting, no fingers in the air… Just folks enjoying a night under the full moon with home-town fireworks.

So what can top that? How about a short three or four block drive to the local Sonic for a night munchies. We had burgers and grilled cheese with fries and onion rings. Oh – don’t forget the ice cream cone (sugar to be sure) all while sitting on the “corner” slot and watching the town traffic go by. We think we spotted several cars from the firework show cruising the main street.

Throw in a little Grateful Dead music while eating the grub and the moon in the windshield and it would almost bring a tear of nostalgia to your eyes.

Ah… the simpler days.




Today was also the most beautiful day we’ve had for awhile. In the 70’s with no wind (unusual for here, most afternoons get a bit blustery) and clear, blue skies. During the S’mores program we all paused to watch a gorgeous sunset with Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood reflecting the oranges, reds and pinks. A very busy yet peaceful day.

Happy 4th of July!


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