Catching Up on Stuff

We have had a bad Internet connection for some time now… We have a good one again so we can get back to real time updates on this site…

This is a picture of our “elaborate” washing machine. We use it when we have small stuff to wash or just don’t want to travel the 12 mile round trip to the other campground to do them… The bucket is the critical element in the system.


Works like a champ… Eco friendly too.

Of course no work environment would be complete without a servant to do the work… Here is Dave unpacking himself from his illegal trip out of Mexico. Dave hates to admit it but he does not have a work visa yet…Heather keeps Dave tucked away until she needs him (men are good for some things).


Today we decided to go to Redmond, OR to a patriotic event held in the city park down town. Singing, ROTC rifle team, National Guard display and to complete the event – hot dogs, chips and soda. Yummy good fun. Here is a couple of snaps from today. The Hummer in the picture is the newest in the Army inventory.



After our SECOND round of hot dogs (see food diet-yea!) we watched the locals play some impromptu baseball. Best on the team was the girl in a skirt with NO shoes… Everyone was having a great time. Heather noticed a climbing wall (the town is near historic climbing area known as Smith Rock) so she decided to jump on…


Just before that we had checked out the newest Hummer in the Army’s invenory. 15,000 pounds of meat just by itself. The Sergeant in charge told me it has a payload of 23K pounds. WOW


After all the eating at the park and the roasted marshmallows we are eating right now as I enter this out by the camp fire makes me feel like 23K pounds…

Do I hear exercise calling my name???


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