Rainy Day

We moved from our site in the Deschutes Campground across the lake to the Crooked River Campground. We’re supposed to move back in July but we’re going to talk our “boss” into letting us stay where we’re at because a:) it’s a pain in the behind to move, especially if you only go a few miles and b:) we love our new backyard! We’ve got awesome views of Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood, we’re about eye level with the Tam-a-Lau trail across the river (we were at the base of it before), looking south all we see are open fields, there are deer everywhere, behind us in the brand new amphitheatre where we’ll be doing programs, we have a marsh across the campground, and the best part–the campground is currently closed! No one there but us and one other host on the opposite side….and the construction workers during the day….They’re finishing up the details on the brand new bathrooms and showers (which we get to test out this week) so they’re not too noisy now…except for the guy the other day at 630am with the radio turned up so loud they had to yell at each other… They don’t bother us and as soon as they leave the silence takes over again 🙂

We haven’t been up to too much lately. We held a Dessert Potluck for all of the volunteer hosts last Tuesday, as always it was a big hit! Everyone showed up with desserts, we all ate as many sweets as we could and then played horseshoes. It was good times! We had a great volunteer crew in May, too bad most of them had to leave. Hopefully we’ll meet them again in our travels.


I made Peanut Butter Cake Pops–a big hit! Soooo yummy!!

Last time we went into town we took our fishing poles with us and hit Steelhead Falls on the way home. A beautiful place! We had to hike almost a mile in to find a good back and there was only one other person there, a fly-fisherman who didn’t even notice us. We didn’t catch a thing but we had fun trying.

Our Flintstone wagon garden is producing lots of yummy lettuce and spinach! We’ve had a few salads already. Still not having luck with tomatoes though, I think it’s still to early here.

Our last night at the Deschutes Campground we were awakened a couple of times in the dark, early morning hours by a lot of rustling in the bushes behind our rig. The next day a camper told us about an injured Turkey Vulture across the street. Don’t know what happened but it wasn’t moving too well. We got the help of a Ranger and blocked off the site while calls were made to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Last we heard it was picked up but we don’t know if they took it to rehab or what, the Ranger was going to find out for us.

After moving to the Crooked River Campground we had to do some site clean-up, Dave had some fun pruning the tree beside the rig so we could get our slide out.

Then, it was time to relax around the fire and make S’mores.


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