Just a few pictures of what we’ve seen so far in Central Oregon.

Lake Billy Chinook as seen from the overlooks with Mt Hood in the background. On a clear day you can also see Mt Adams in Washington.

The Sisters Mountains above the Lake and The Island.

The waterfall on the drive into the park, we still don’t know the name of it. And no, it’s not photo-shopped, the green really stands out like that.

Sunset at The Cove as seen from the Interpretive Office.

The Sisters Mountains and farms, I love that scene. The area all around the Cove and Lake Billy Chinook is pretty flat and checkered with farms, very much like the mid-west, but with snow-capped mountains in the not-too-far distance. Very pretty scenery.

The ever-present deer, not afraid of much. This was taken from the car.

Almost hidden bunny…

And lastly for this post, our Turkey eggs. The brown one on top is a chicken egg from the same farm. The turkey eggs don’t really taste any different from a chicken egg but it’s twice the size, almost twice the calories, takes a little longer to cook and is a lot harder to break open.  One is enough for breakfast, it’s pretty filling, the yolk is the size of a ping-pong ball.

More somewhat random pictures another day.



One thought on “Pictures!

  1. Hey… we rode by you yesterday, but didnt have your phone numbers to see if you were around, so we kept going. We are here at Mt Hood Village Resort out of Welches, OR for the Summer… so we are not far. Let us know if you are making a trip this way.

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