A burning desire…

So Heather decides to “blend in” with nature here in the park. She builds a fire and savours the smell of the smoke and warmth the fire produces. Then she gets a cool breeze of wind from the lake just below our camp and decides to do what the natives did hundreds of years ago.

Build a canoe.

Simple, easy and with native ways.

She takes the fire from the fire pit and places it on the wood. The canoe is now under way… It is only a matter of time and determination. The smoke begins to rise and the wood begins to burn.

As she watches the fire burn the wood into submission a gleam of happiness fills her eyes. She is feeling a connection with the past… Warmth from the fire embraces her heart and mind. She is becoming one with the past – contentment indeed.

“Hey-why you burning the picnic table?” Dave says…

Heather snaps back into reality. CRAP…the picnic table is on fire.

She puts it out…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Truth note: She really only put a piece of wood that was “supposed” to be out but it caught back on fire and burnt the table in a small spot.

My story is cooler…and I like it.


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