The Flintstone Wagon

It Spring!!! Yea!!! Time to plant stuff…

Here is our Flintstone wagon stuff in the raw. Just wood, metal and imagination:

The metal was pulled out of a scrap “dump” and sanded back down to the metal. We then painted the metal a nice metallic brown (anti-rust) version. Wood base is a .50 cent piece of scrap from the Home Depot “scrap” pile found at most stores. The side boards are new and cost a few bucks – hardware a few bucks too.

So we made the “box” long to accommodate as much planting as we could:

Now on to painting… I think Dave was breathing WAY too many fumes!

He looks happy though…. Heather takes charge and gets the metal work done…

Lets make some “Flintstone” wheels…

Not OSHA approved but it worked (grin)… I think they are way too cool!

Our “wagon inspector” had to verify all work was done to code:

After his “Majesty’s” approval we were ready to plant. Actually, Heather was ready to plant because Dave was wandering around in the campground still high on paint fumes… Heather does the planting while Dave wanders off mumbling something about mice and cliffs…

But I think Heather was finally caught up in the fumes of the paint too… “No I’m not high” she mumbles as she sways back-and-forth while planting everything.

Hmmmmm. I’m not so sure.

Tune in later to see pictures of how things are growing….


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