It STILL lives!!!

“We need more power!” Dave screams as Heather vacillates in her mind if she should increase thruster power or reduce the power as she entered the curve in the road…

As Dave looked out the passenger window of the killing machine to the cliff edge and the lake far below he realized that only MORE power will enable the craft to terminate the enemy. The same enemy he knows is colluding with the geese to make more geese poo.

“Do it, do it, do it!” he screams as loud as he can, while foam and snot leaks out of his face. “Kill it, kill it, K I L L   I T!!!!”

Heather relaxes her foot on the thruster control and eases the killing machine around the sharp corner about a hundred feet above the water. Its night time and the other killing machines are mostly done killing for the night she thinks to herself. We were returning from a geese termination mission with NO body count and Dave was anxious to mangle something…He was feeling the pressure to inflict damage to the entire enemy.  Years in the military still causes autonomic reactions to get the enemy before it gets him.

“No”, Heather says flatly… I’m NOT going to kill that mouse. Especially in a corner of a windy road with a soft gravel shoulder AND hundreds of feet above a lake AND at night. No-not gonna do it”.

Dave mumbles… “Crap”. “I would…” he mumbles out loud.

He would. And he will some day when HE gets to control the killing machine at night he secretly thinks to himself…

Soon, very soon…

~After reading this post Heather makes the decision to take away Dave’s driving privileges…~


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