The Sun God Returns!

In the not so long ago past… a young man was tormented and depressed. He was beaten down by the Rain God. Blasted and smashed and torn and tossed to-and-fro by the relentless bombardment of persistent cold, wind and rain. Mist was everywhere… In was in his eyes, ears, nose and throat. Choking the very warmth from his kind soul. The mist penetrating the very molecules of his tiny brain. The mist and the rain and cold coluded to penetrate his feeble psyche that was now broken by the relentless misty, rainy winds…. He was beaten. He was down. He was cold and shivering and delusional from the salty sea spray and it did things to his hair too…Wierd things that you don’t EVER want to see with the naked eye.

And wet.

Very wet.

Dripping wet.

Soppy wet.

And taking vitamin “D” as prescribed by his doctor (that part is true).

So he left the forbidden land called the “Oregon Coast” wearing his dripping wet clothes…shivering and in a cold/wet induced coma…

East. He went East. Far, far away from the Rain God.

Soon he arrived over the mountains and in the land of the sun. The plants and animals were all smiles and greeted him with delightful dances in the warm, dry wind of change…

He had arrived – In the land of the Sun God!!!

Todays forecast:

Sunny Clear Sunny Clear Sunny Clear
Sunny Clear Sunny Clear Sunny Clear
Hi: 61°F
Lo: 32°F Hi: 67°F
Lo: 36°F Hi: 75°F
Lo: 43°F

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