“It” almost got us…

It was a dark, cold moonless night. Dave and Heather were on patrol and returning from the mission to abate the geese enemy. During the patrol the team was constantly assaulted with massive amounts of crusty and semi-viscious goose poo. The team was taking heavy hits and slips on the poo…

Demoralized and saddened by the lack of a good goose body count the team was making its way back to the command post. As they were moving across enemy territory Dave screamed in horror at the huge microtus pennsylvanicus running straight at them. Dave mad a quick decision to take the beast on…. He navigated his 2000 pound mobile device directly into the path of the massive, evil and mean-spirited microtus pennsylvanicus!!!

The game of “chicken” was on… As Dave swerved and skidded the massive microtus pennsylvanicus killing device toward the beast Heather asked: “Is that a mouse?” “Are you chasing a field mouse across the parking lot?”

YES! Dave screams (but only in his head). It must be colluding with the geese enemy and therefore it must die!

Dave swerved the massive terminator back onto its original course… Saving the mouse.

“Evil mouse.. I will be back” Dave is heard mumbling to himself…

The mouse lives. Heather has a way of keeping things alive and helps to keep Dave’s imagination in check.

PETA: No mice were harmed in this story or in reality…


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