To Kill a Mocking Goose (Bird)

I know, it’s a play on words… but it’s no game. We have met the enemy and they are a gaggle. Gaggling geese. NO… gaggling, pooping geese.

The enemy is feeling the effects of our “hazing” program. Heather has become a crack shot with the paint marker (aka goose gun). We try to not hit the critters as best we can and just have them move away. Dave is trying to learn how to manage the RC boats.

Today was a bad boat day for Dave. He got the boat all ready. Dropped it into the water and it went about 10 feet only to die in place. It was facing away from the marina and drifting… He managed to use the remote rudder and have the wind drive it back to the docks. He replaced the battery and decided to put it on the “safe” side between the docks and the shore. FAIL. The battery died again about 10 feet into area and he had to wait for it to drift the to far end of the marina. About 30 minutes or so later he was able to recover it. Covered in geese poop of course since the wind was driving the floating poop into the same corner.


The geese were heard making what he swears was laughing and choking sounds as they floated merrily away.

Dave just wants to hear their choking sounds…

He often has this dream in living colour but does not share it often. Until now:

OK PETA folks..No geese at the Cove are EVER harmed. At least not physically. Emotionally perhaps, but not physically. So there.

Is it wrong for me to dream?


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