S L O W I N T E R N E T…

We love to keep everyone posted of our adventures..with pictures. We are here at the Cove Palisades


We are on the Internet with a very slow connection. Using Verizon thru an ATT tower so they S  L   O     W   us down quite a bit. Pictures will be a bit less than before.

>>> We have been here only a couple of days and we are back at it. On day two we had already removed all the grass from the horse shoe pits, put in new sand and mowed the area. We dug up all the invasive weeds that get in the way of a good horse shoe game too. Working on getting new backboards installed by removing the old wood and replacing all eight of the backboards (probably paint them first).

Then it was on to cleaning up the “dog run” area. About a half-acre of area with a foot of grass covering it. Heather found a new toy… A 27 horse mondo John Deere riding lawnmower. Dave gave her a few tips and a demo (after our certification training by a park ranger) and then she was off.

Dave never got back on. It’s HEATHER’S toy now. I guess if Dave asked nicely then she MIGHT let him back on… (grin).

Oh – we also fixed a leaking faucet that was hanging out of the box it was attached to. We did that in between the horse shoe pit and the dog run and already 3 nice, big, hot campfires.

We like to stay busy..

Pictures when we can…





2 thoughts on “S L O W I N T E R N E T…

    1. We love to stay busy…

      We are going to be here at the Cove until mid-September. Then back the Umpqua River Lighthouse.

      Doing “geese harassment” here for the park. Way too cool job. We use RC boats, laser lights at night, pyro (small stuff) and paint markers (guns). They hate it when we call them guns… AKA paint ball markers.

      Anyway, great staff here. Lots of freedom and good weather.

      Any news with you guys?

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