Crescent Lake Oregon – AKA “Out There”

Out there.. that’s what I would call this place.

We are on our way to our new gig in Culver, OR via highway 58. We passed the summit this afternoon around 3ish and started looking for a place to park. No state parks in the area so we checked out some forest service camping areas. The first place we went into was almost a dead end. I was having “flash backs” our Moab UT event where we had to drop our trailer and back the RV up two miles just to turn around. CRAP…I’m thinking. Heather managed (again) to find us a way out and we were soon back on the main road hunting another spot.

We soon stopped at Crescent Lake

And if you are a train fan… Crescent Lake Junction has some excellent history of the trains that used to run in the area and how they did it… Nothing like trains today.,_Oregon

We set up our RV at Crescent Lake and took a stroll to the lake and to the resort next “door” across a small dam that controls the level of water in the lake. They have some cool toys for rent like boats, bikes, and snowmobiles and water trikes – the ones you paddle with your feet and has huge tires. We are at over 5000 feet here and there is STILL snow on the ground. Tonight will be a chilly 28 and some snow.

A view of our site. Behind the RV and down the hill is the lake…


On the way here Dizzy was getting his daily dose of education as Heather explains how the covered bridges in Oregon impacted the community as we visited the Lowell covered bridge on highway 58…


Dizzy is a good student… except for the drool on the books and chewing the pencils.

Another look at the bridge:


We soon shut everything down and played games until way after dark. It gets V E R Y dark here. So dark we put a couple of flashlights on the table and turned the batteries around backwards to prevent all of the light from being sucked out of the RV…. Now THAT’S dark…

Oh… forgot to show you the lake:

Dave wanted to go swimming in the 43 or so degree water but forgot his towel: Crap…


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