Tucked away in the dark…

We have been in a communication blackout for three days. It was a good thing too. We went to a forest service park about 14 miles inland from the Oregon coast. No electricity, no potable water, no sewer, no internet, no tv, no cell phone, and nobody else in our “loop” most of the time except the many deer and turkeys we saw… QUIET is the motto there.

Above was our site while there… Then we took the back roads out of the forest area to Cape Blanco State Park. Here is the one lane bridge over the Rogue River:

We only had to go about 20 or so miles to Cape Blanco State Park and are there now. We went for a bike ride past the lighthouse and down onto the beach. A couple of surfer dudes were catching some waves just to the north of the lighthouse you can see in this photo:

While on the beach we decide to relax a bit and look for some tsunami stuff and some agates. We parked our bikes on a “tree” near the water and when we got back the tide had gone WAY out… we were left “beachless” and in awe…

ALWAYS carry your tide chart with you!!! (Smile)


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