Row row row your inflatable kayak…

Wow… The scenery is almost too pretty to describe. Calm winds, sunshine, 60+ degrees and we are on the Chetco river that is deep with the colors of the melting snow coming from the Coastal and Cascade Ranges in Southern Oregon…

Wow… I know, I said it before….

The river is wide and deep. Here is a look from the far bank. If you look close you will see our RV in the red diamond and Heather in the yellow circle… Taken with my cell phone so not a great shot but you get the perspective of how deep and nice the river is and what a great location we have… (Doing this blog from that shore around the fire pit).


We decided to go up the river as far as we could to check it out. The river won… We did not get far at all. In fact you could have walked the path along the river and been to where we ended up in about 5 minutes. It took us about an hour or so to do the same on the water. Here is a classic picture of Heather going along the shore dragging her kayak. This is because the water was way too deep and too fast to even move an inch forward with the kayak paddle.


Now, don’t get me wrong – Heather is ambitious and loves a good adventure. BUT she is also pretty level-headed when it comes to picking the adventure. Dave on the other hand is a boy in a mans body. He does before he thinks (most of the time). Often heard saying “No blood or bones sticking out – all good” or something like that. Anyway, Dave managed to convince Heather to keep moving UP the river instead of down it… We all know the sound of mom (or dad) saying to us “It’s just around the corner….” Dave loves that statement…. He uses it a LOT.

Going back was FFUUNN (Double Fun) all the way. Only took about 5 minutes and that is because we played in the rapids and with the rocks on the way back. Gave a good show to the multitudes of families swimming and playing on the sand bar we passed by… Heather (I think) had a little “pee” moment just before she hit the first huge rapids. After she got in and through – it was all “whee” instead of pee at that point.

She wants to go back. And so we will. Tomorrow we will WALK the kayaks up the 1 or so mile trail beside the river and float back down. More “whee” time!!! We will pee first…

Anyway, after the river rafting we went on the trail to check it out. Goes along the river and ends up climbing up about a mile into one of the only redwood stands in Oregon. Some of these monster trees can get 300 feet tall. The one on our trail today was 286 feet or so… that’s 28 stories!!! No pictures because they are on Heather’s camera and the battery is recharging. But here is one of a “small” fallen one. Dave is admiring his sexy legs about 50 or 60 feet away.

Vain man…

Anyway, here is a picture of one of the many bridges that went over the many waterfalls we passed on the one mile loop up to see the big stand of redwoods.

The park is awesome… a must see if you are near the Southern Coast of Oregon.


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