To California and back!

Today’s “plan” was to ride our bikes into Brookings for brunch and then tool around a bit before going back to camp around 3 to sit around the campfire. Instead, we ended up bypassing town on the side-roads, going down to the Port and finally turning around to come back at the California border.

We took a city trail to Chetco Point, a cool and unexpected place. We rode the trails,

took a few cheesy pictures,  climbed down the slick rocks to the tide-pools,

Dave planked a boulder, then we climbed back up the slick rocks  to the bikes (with some difficulty…).

We found the Health Store shortly after that and had some really delicious “almost vegan” chicken vegetable soup and coffee.

This is Oceanview Dr, the road we rode almost all the way to the border, we had to get on Hwy 101 for a mile or so to reach the signs. This road is much better than the Hwy, a lot less traffic. We found out after the ride that this is actually part of the Oregon Coast Bicycle Trail.

We’ve seen this sign many times from the car and have never actually stopped for a photo op. Notice all of the stickers?

Back to the Oregon side.

Can you tell the difference between the California sign and Oregon’s sign?

We didn’t hang out there too long, we were getting hungry. Dave mentioned the cookie and ice cream already, but we were ready for some pizza! So, back to Brookings Harbor we rode, the ride back was much faster.

Saw these in front of a motel on Hwy 101, I love to see Patriotism like this!

Ready with the parmesan! We got a 50/50 pizza (as we usually do), Dave’s half was All Meat, mine was Alfredo with fresh roasted garlic. Both sides must have been really good,

because there was nothing left. We ate the whole 14 inch pizza in one sitting… The bottles are not beer – but some good root beer and vanilla cream soda….YUM!!!

If you’re ever in Brookings, OR you have to go to Zola’s Pizza, it’s the best! And the restaurant is really neat.

Pretty much every surface is plastered with customer and employee art, either on paper or pizza boxes. All of the tables are covered in white drawing paper with lots of pencils or crayons available. There are some awesome pieces of art on those walls.

The bathroom (that door in the above picture) is also very cool. All of the walls and the ceiling are painted with chalkboard paint and there’s a bucket of sidewalk chalk on the counter. Dave went in first then told me (with a little urgency) that I had to check out the sink.

That’s beautiful! I’ve never seen one like it but I wish I could put it in the RV. It’s something I would expect in a high-class restaurant like Ruth’s Chris, not in a bayside pizza joint…but it’s sooo pretty… Above the mirror is a black light and there are a few random things that will glow with it, including the floor.

I washed my hands then finally turned to see the walls and saw this on the door…Awww, that earned him 5 Brownie Points 🙂

I forgot to write my answer to this one… I think the people who work there have way too much fun.

Geez, I can’t just make a brief update can I?…..


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