Take the long way home…

Supertramp’s 1979 hit “Take the long way home” applied today… We started out on a short 2 or 3 mile ride to town. By the time we cruised the town, ate some great home-made soup at a local health shop we were feeling energized. We decided to continue South of town. The ride was had some awesome views.

We ended up in California…

Did not see that coming. Granted CA was only about 12 miles from town but we had not planned on going that far. On the way there Dave was feeling a bit cocky and decided to take this picture demonstrating how good he felt.


At the CA/OR border the only store around is a garden center. They had ice cream and some junk foods. We had an ice cream and a good cookie baked in OR… Dave was so starved he ate part of the cookie right thru the bag…


We made it back to Brookings and had pizza at Zola’s (Heather did a post on that). Eventually making it back to the park. Heather shot this as we got back in the early evening…


With all the coffee Dave had during he day he was always looking for a place to pee. Seems to me he violated some park rule here… “What – I’m not doing anything” he was heard to say as he ducked out of sight…

PS. No grass was harmed during this photo. And No, Dave did not pee on anything either… At least not this time.



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